Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Butterball Turkey Questions

Got turkey on your mind and thawing in the fridge? As I shop and chop and bake and prepare for the big day, it gives me some comfort to know that I am not the only one who is stressing about whether or not the turkey will come out perfectly done or dry and mealy this year.

Each November and December, the people manning the turkey tips hotline run by Butterball, the nation's most popular turkey brand, field as many as 100,000 calls from people -- as many as 12,000 on Thanksgiving alone -- asking about everything from cooking temperatures and thawing techniques to how much stuffing they should use.

Here are a couple of examples of more amusing turkey situations reportedly handled by the people at Butterball, according to an Associated Press story:

# A woman who cleaned out her turkey with a scrub brush and asked if that was OK to do. (Not necessary.)
# People who want to know if it's okay to thaw a turkey in the bathtub while washing their kids. (Ewww.)

If, like me, you are suffering from a bout of pre-turkey anxiety, check out these tips and recipes from's guide busy cooks, Linda Larsen.

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